Dolan Wilkes has appeared in Horror RPG Series 3, Season 1.

Dolan Wilkes
Date of Birth:1984
Place of Birth:Long Beach, CA
Date of Death:NA, still alive and well
Age:22 (in 2006)
Family:Unnamed father
Skills:Experienced, successful director
Theme Song:"Thirsty Dog" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Major Allies:Jay Villisoni
Minor Allies:
Major Rivals:
Minor Rivals:
Portrayer:Shia LaBeouf
Series:Original Character
Controller:El Rooto (S3-S1)

Dolan Wilkes is a original character created by the Horror RPG's creator and President, El Rooto (formerly missingmachete).

Character History Edit

Earlier Life Edit

Dolan Wilkes was born to an unsuccessful producer. In spite of his failure, or maybe because he wanted to see something come out of his work in the field, he taught Dolan everything he needed to know about film. Dolan's work had garnered attention and he became very successful with his first feature when he was nineteen. Unfortunately, he began his career as a rather arrogant naif and lost the rights to his "baby" to studios.

Becoming disenchanted with the Hollywood system, he still continued directing, making friends with Jay Villisoni, a self-proclaimed "teeny-bopper idiot actor". The two shared similar views on Hollywood but stuck with their jobs, Villisoni rising and as Dolan put it, "becoming a bigger asshole every day", and Dolan going so low as to direct internet exclusives, until he received an offer to direct the adaption of Stella Oleson's book, 30 Days of Night...

Role in Horror RPG Series 3, Season One Edit

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