Jason Voorhees has appeared in Supernatural Horror RPG (S1), Season 1.

Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees (SH Season 1)
Alias:The Crystal Lake Killer
Date of Birth:06-13-1946 (as a human); 07-17-1984 (as an undead being)
Place of Birth:Crystal Lake, New Jersey
Date of Death:07-17-1984 (as a human); NA, still alive and well (although technically died more then once but returned moments later)
Occupation:Serial Killer / Mass Murderer
Age:62 (in 2009, hasn't fully aged due to the resurrection/regenerative spell cast from Elias Voorhees)
Species:Human (formerly); Corporeal undead (Revenant)
Family:Elias Voorhees (father); Pamela Voorhees (mother, deceased); the rest of his family is currently unknown
Skills:Very proficient in different ways of murder techniques, master of improvised weapons, uncanny skills in wildness survival, hunting, tracking, and setting up traps, and perfect visual memory of Camp Crystal Lake’s woods and its various shortcuts
Downfalls:Easily agitated and emotional, childlike in many ways, distracted by reminders of his past, doesn't stop for anything when enraged
Powers:See POWERS in the second part of trademark gear
Theme Song:"Indestructible" by Disturbed
Major Allies:Pamela Voorhees
Minor Allies:None, currently
Major Rivals:Alice Hardy (deceased), Ginny Field, Chris Higgins, Tommy Jarvis, Whitney and Clay Miller, those who trespass on Crystal Lake and those that survived him
Minor Rivals:Everyone else
Portrayer:Derek Mears
Series:Friday the 13th
Controller:Jack Bauer SHRPG (S1-S1)
  • Special Note: Only the events of the first four Friday the 13ths and Friday the 13th (2009) are taken into account in continuity for Jason Voorhees while both Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and Friday the 13th: A New Beginning is canon for Tommy Jarvis, although there would be homages to the other Friday the 13th films, books, and comics as well.

Jason Voorhees is the main villain from the Friday the 13th film series (parts 2-4 and Friday the 13th 2009) and controlled by Jack Bauer.

Character History

“Ki Ki Ki, Ma Ma Ma...” – Jason Voorhees

Early Life

Jason Voorhees was born at the stroke of midnight on Friday, June 13th, in 1946 to Pamela and Elias Voorhees, in Crystal Lake, New Jersey. He had been born terribly deformed, with hydrocephalus, giving his head a misshapen appearance. He had also been born mute and with a low IQ, equivalent to a very young child with mild mental retardation. Despite this, he was quite a friendly and affectionate boy, but all of his young life the boy had been teased, harassed and even beaten mercilessly by bullies and even his own father. There had been only one person in his entire sorrowful existence that cared for him and loved him, his mother, who loved him despite his disadvantages. The boy felt like his mother was the only person who truly loved him and cared for him, the one person who made him feel like his life was worth living and would soon hold something special for him. But the worlds of this boy and his mother would both be shattered completely on that fateful Summer day in mid-June 1957 at Camp Crystal Lake.

After Elias abandoned her and Jason, Pamela had worked as the camp's cook that Summer, she was poor and lower-class and was in need of a decent-paying job, and found it at the camp, working as the cook. As much as she wanted to be with her son, she had to work, but she told him they'd see each other again after her shift ended. She asked the camp counselors to look after him while she worked, and she told her son they'd each other again that day after her shift finished. Little did she know this was the last time that she'd ever see her precious son alive.

The Drowning

Jason had hardly seen his mother that day and he had been bullied mercilessly all day, children cruelly teasing and mocking him, throwing stones at him, even the teenage counselors enjoyed ridiculing him, encouraging the bullying. He remembered when the campers chased him around the camp, chucking stones at him as they all simultaneously chanted "Go freak! Go freak!" as he whimpered and ran away, trying to find cover, when they circled around him and had him cornered, when one girl produced a white pillow sack and placed it over his head, as she mocked "Try this on."

The boy removed it as the campers continued to chase him, mocking him. The torment continued as the boy was chased onto the lake dock, crying as he tried to get away from the cruel children but his attempts were futile, and as he approached the edge of the dock on the side several of the children pushed him into the lake. The boy cried out as he fell into the frigid cold water and the children's already cruel teasing escalated as they simply pointed and laughed as the boy thrashed in the water as he tried to swim, but the boy didn't know how to swim, he was never good at swimming, and every time he tried to stay afloat he only plummeted deeper into the icy cold water. The water's frigid temperature assaulted the boy's body and he could feel the cold chilling him to his bones and the water invading his nostrils and lungs.

The children fled away from the dock as the boy desperately struggled to get back to the surface but his attempts failed, his thrashing became so intense he unwittingly slipped out of his white Camp Crystal Lake T-shirt one time he was submerged underwater for a few seconds before shooting back up to the surface. The boy gave one final, desperate attempt to save himself as he thrashed on the surface trying to stay afloat, and it was this time he muttered his first and last words: "Help! Help Mommy! Help!" Then he plummeted back down into the cold waters of Crystal Lake that became his watery grave, the boy losing consciousness and his senses, feeling nothing as his visions faded to total blackness as the waters of Crystal Lake claimed him and his life.

Later that day, shortly after the boy's drowning, Pamela had a break from her shift and went to check on her son, when she couldn't find him anywhere. She became panicked and worried, where could he have gone? She had asked the counselors to watch after him while she worked her shift, had they not done their job? The mother became overwhelmed with sheer panic as she went to the head counselor for help with finding her son. They both went to the counselors she had asked to look after her son, the two teenagers named Barry Adams and Claudette Hayes, who had agreed to look after her son, but said that they had spent time together in a cabin making love, they apologized for not doing their jobs.

Then one camper came forward, a young boy of about her son's age, with devastating news; he had said the boy had been bullied by other campers and he admitted he did nothing to stop the bullying, not so much as telling his fellow campers to stop and going over to the boy to aid him, though he felt bad about not helping him but didn't because he was afraid of the other campers. He said he had seen the campers chase the boy into the lake and that the boy had struggled to leave the water after the campers simply ran away and laughed at the boy's drowning. He went over to inform the counselors but most of them had simply brushed him off. The mother remained silent for a moment, before breaking out into a howling and crying scream of sadness and grief that pierced the hearts and souls of everyone who heard it, the scream louder than a banshee or a siren, louder than a gunshot.

The head counselor had called the police and asked for an ambulance and some police to come to Camp Crystal Lake as soon as possible, telling them of the drowning that had just occurred. The mother heard from the head counselor after the call that an ambulance and some police were on their way, and he tried consoling her but she wouldn't stop that haunting, soul-piercing crying. Several minutes later an ambulance hearse arrived with two patrol cars, and the area was searched densely but no sign of the boy was found anywhere. One of the police officers at the scene told the mother they would continue to search the area but the chances of finding her son alive were non-existent. The search went on for hours, every camper and counselor had exited their cabins and gathered in the center of the camp as the police conducted their search, but nothing turned up. The parents or guardians of the campers arrived at the camp throughout the day to pick up the children while the counselors left. Divers were called to dive into the lake and recover the boy's body, the divers arriving several hours later and searching for the boy inside the lake, but hours of searching went on and nothing turned up.

The head officer went over to the grieving mother. "I'm sorry m'am, but it looks like your son is dead, we can't find his body anywhere, not in the lake and not in the woods. I'm terribly sorry." The head officer told her, he was genuinely sad over not having found the boy and his attempts to console the late boy's mother were sincere, but the mother's grief and her howling cries spoke for themselves. The woman was escorted to the hospital to be treated for shock, while the camp was shut down for the rest of the Summer. Little did everyone know at the time that the boy who drowned was Jason Voorhees, the Crystal Lake Killer who would terrorize the woods of Crystal Lake for years and decades to come, and that his heartbroken and grief-stricken mother was Pamela Voorhees.

Pamela was taken to the Wessex County Medical Center, treated for shock in one of the basic examination rooms. Pamela was silent and had even gone ghostly pale, she was looking like a different person. She had been an attractive woman in her late twenties at the time, long and straight blonde hair with blue eyes and a nice face, but the extreme stress and emotional trauma of what she had endured was painfully evident to the doctors who tried treating her and comforting her.

Pamela was kept at the hospital for the night and discharged the next day, she went back home and didn't leave for the longest time. The news of Jason's drowning death shocked the once quiet and peaceful town of Crystal Lake, the residents thinking something so tragic could never happen in Crystal Lake and never would, but they were all proven otherwise that fateful Summer day, fateful for not only Jason Voorhees, but for hundreds of other people in the proceeding years.

Welcome To Camp Blood

Crystal Lake's seemingly neverending legacy of death would begin the next Summer, on June 13th of 1958, which was a Friday. The camp was re-opened and everything went well, the memories of the drowning of the Voorhees boy still lingering in everyone's minds but people were ready to move forward and avoid past mistakes. The day got off to a good start, the campers and counselors alike were happy and cheerful and as a whole were having a great time, people made friends as they played games, sang songs and engaged in recreational activities throughout the camp. Barry Adams and Claudette Hayes, who worked at the camp as counselors for the past few years had returned, and that night, after they had sang some songs in a cabin with some campers, the teenage lovers snuck off into another cabin, and that night, screams emitted from the cabin, horrible screams of fright and death.

The screams were piercing and got the attention of everyone else at the camp, some counselors rushing into the cabin, when they found the cabin's interior drenched in blood and gore, bits of flesh and innards scattered around the cabin's upper level, where the mangled corpses of Barry and Claudette were found. Barry had been gutted in the abdomen and blood had pooled below him, his yellow counselor shirt stained with his blood and some of his blood dripping from his mouth, and his gut wound was so deep a portion of his intestinal tract was visible through the stab wound. Claudette's corpse was nearby, at the end wall nearby Barry's corpse. Claudette had been stabbed repeatedly, dozens of deep stab wounds on her chest and abdomen, a wide pool of blood below her, and her throat had been slashed as well, her meat visible in the large and gaping wound across her throat with much blood having oozed out.

The savage and raw brutality of the murders stunned everyone, even hardened detectives and investigators were floored by the primal level of violence in the slayings of the two teenage counselors. Who had committed these heinous murders? The killer had fled before the counselors arrived and there were no suspects. The camp shut down for the rest of the Summer, and suddenly Crystal Lake's peace had been shattered yet again. The news of the murders soon became nationwide and everyone was in shock and disbelief, what could drive someone to commit such a heinous and brutal set of murders? An investigation was started but the case soon went cold and the murders remained unsolved for the next twenty-two years. This was only the very beginning of the madness and mayhem that Crystal Lake would become notorious for. The next three Summers between the years of 1959, 1960 and 1961 saw attempts to re-open the camp, but a series of arson fires halted the efforts of the camp owners, the arsonist was never captured and like with the murders of the two counselors, there were no suspects. In 1962, the camp was re-opened but closed almost immediately afterwards when the water in the lake was found to be poisoned and was purified over the Summer before it was eventually cleansed of whatever poison had been used.

The camp was then shut down for good, Camp Crystal Lake's once respectable reputation was forever ruined by this catastrophic series of events, from the drowning of the Voorhees boy, the brutal murders of the two teenage counselors, the arson fires and the poisoned water. It was around this time that the camp earned the nickname "Camp Blood" and the name was forever synonymous with the camp, the camp itself became the subject of many ghost stories for the young residents of Crystal Lake, and it wasn't uncommon for the campgrounds to be visited by daring youngsters around Halloween and especially every Friday The 13th. The suspect or suspects, from the murderer, arsonist and person responsible for poisoning the lake water, would never be caught during all of the years between 1958 and well into the late 1970s. Not until June 13th, 1979. The day the madness not only started again, but also the day fear was born.

Friday the 13th

In 1978, Steven Christy, the last living heir of the Christy Family, had decided to re-open Camp Crystal Lake, much to the disagreement of the majority of Crystal Lake's residents, many of whom believed the camp was cursed. Christy had accumulated enough money to re-open the camp and hire a whole new group of counselors, having gotten twenty-five thousand dollars to restart his family's legacy and continue it. The next Summer, Camp Crystal Lake was ready to be opened again, Christy having hired his new staff and having cleaned and renovated much of the old camp and the cabins. As the Summer of 1979 was on the rise, the camp was nearly ready to be re-opened to the public, but unfortunately for Christy and his counselors, a killer was watching them, like a predator, ready to strike. On June 13th of 1979, Christy and his staff gathered at the camp, Christy going out into town for the rest of the day while his counselors remained at the camp. One by one, the mysterious and unseen killer had stealthy killed the young counselors off in brutal ways, and the death toll rose as night fell, when Steven Christy himself also fell victim to the killer's wrath when he returned to the camp later that night.

Eventually only one counselor remained, Alice Hardy, who was just into her twenties at the time. Alice was growing frightened, being alone at the camp all by herself, when she searched around the campgrounds, finding the corpses of her friends strewn around the camp, Alice overwhelmed with horror and panic over what she was seeing. Alice had hid in one of the cabins, trying to hide from the killer, when a jeep came up to the camp's entrance, Alice going out to see who this person was and if they could help. The driver exited the jeep, a middle-aged woman with short and slightly curly blonde hair and wearing a grey sweater with black pants and black boots. The woman stepped out into the jeep's highlights, one of the only light sources in the otherwise dark camp that almost looked like another world in the sheer darkness that blanketed it.

"Who are you?" Alice asked the woman, her voice shaky and almost breaking down crying. "Why I'm... I'm Mrs. Voorhees, an old friend of the Christies," Pamela Voorhees replied to the terrified Alice Hardy. Alice, on the verge of hysteria by this point, had told Pamela about the grisly murders of almost everyone at the camp and how the killer was still out there, how she was the only one still left alive. Pamela assured the terrified young woman she would help her and had surveyed the cabin Alice had hid in, seeing the slain body of Brenda Bartram, sprawled over under a broken window, broken glass and wood frames scattered around her, Brenda wearing her white nightgown which was now dirty and with ropes around her body. Pamela expressed shock and sympathy over Brenda's murder, or did she? Just moments later, Pamela began to tell the now infamous story of Jason's drowning death at the camp more than decades earlier, how Jason had drowned while the counselors who were supposed to be watching him instead made love while he drowned.

It was then that Pamela revealed she was the killer of the counselors that Steven Christy had hired and the killer of Steven Christy himself, the killer of Barry Adams and Claudette Hayes, the one responsible for arson fires and poisoning the lake water. Pamela Voorhees had been driven mad by her son's wrongful drowning death and wanted vengeance against those she felt were responsible, feeling everyone associated with the camp was responsible for her son's death. Pamela had been driven so mad that she felt as if she heard her son's voice calling her within her mind, telling her to kill everyone at the camp, to kill the people who made his life miserable.

"Look what you did to him..." Pamela venomously told Alice as she lifted up the bottom of her sweater and pulled out her hunting knife out of it's sheath, Alice pleading with the crazed Pamela, who raised her hunting knife and poised it to strike. "Look what you did to him!" Pamela bellowed at Alice as she let out a maniacal scream and charged towards Alice, who got out of Pamela's way and then hit her on the back with a fireplace poker she had taken, Pamela falling over on a nearby couch before Alice struck her on the back again with the poker, Pamela falling unconscious. Alice then fled from the cabin, looking for an escape from the camp which had now become a death zone, when moments later Pamela had awoke and continued her pursuit of the terrified young counselor who was now fighting for her life. Pamela heard Jason's voice in her mind, begging her to kill Alice, Pamela promising she wouldn't let Alice get away.

The chase eventually came to the beach on the edge of the lake, the two women fighting furiously, before Alice gained the upper hand and fled from Pamela, reaching for a machete that had been left at the beach, and as Pamela composed herself and got upright again, Alice had armed herself with the machete and charged towards Pamela, who's eyes widened and jaw dropped in horror at what was about to happen but she could do nothing about because it was too late and too fast. Alice rushed in as she raised the machete and violently struck Pamela in the neck with it, decapitating the vengeful and murderous mother, her head loping off her neck as a bony and bloody stump remained, some small blood jets flying out as Pamela's head landed on the ground and her fingers clutched in the air before her headless corpse fell over.

Pamela's reign of terror had ended that night, Alice dropping the machete beside Pamela's corpse and heading off into one of the canoes and letting herself float adrift at the lake. However the blood of Pamela Voorhees had dipped into the lake and causing a reaction and in result the reborn form of Jason Voorhees had emerged and seeing his mother's decapitated head on the ground.

Sometime after Jason's death, Elias, after years of studying of the occult, had casted the spell over the lake, but saw no results. He felt it was a sham and he fell into an even deeper depression, having done so much research on magic and the occult for what he felt had been nothing. Little did he know that many years later, the spell would pay off; all it needed was the blood of a Voorhees Family member to bring Jason back from his grave and return as a Revenant.

By the next morning, in the middle of the lake, Alice had awoken not knowing of her attacker waiting for her. The scene was so peaceful and quiet, like nothing terrible had ever happened here, seeing in the distance as some police cars pulled up to the beach and some officers stepped out, signaling to her. Alice was signaling to the officers that she was okay, even smiling at them, when suddenly, behind the canoe, the horribly decomposed and moldy corpse of a young pre-teen boy leapt out of the lake and wrapped his right arm around her as he let out an inhuman growl and pulled Alice under the lake as she screamed and the canoe tipped over, Alice dragged underwater into the freezing cold waters of Crystal Lake. Alice then awoke again, screaming, this time finding herself in a hospital room, wearing a white hospital gown and on a hospital gurney, a burly police Sergeant in his forties by her side along with a doctor and a nurse.

Alice caught her breath, relaxing a little, as the Sergeant spoke to her about her ordeal, Alice asking if anyone else was dead, the Sergeant sadly responding that everyone else indeed was dead and that she was the only survivor. The Sergeant told Alice that he and the other officers with him at the scene thought she was dead too when they pulled her out of the lake, and when asked if she remembered very much, she asked the Sergeant something that was important to her. "The boy, is he dead too?" Alice asked. "Who?" The Sergeant replied, confused. "The boy, Jason!" "Jason?" "In the lake, the... the one who attacked, the one who pulled me underneath the water." The Sergeant was quiet for a second before he responded to her in a confused tone. "M'am, we didn't find any boy." Alice was quiet for a second before she spoke. "Then he's still there..."

The news of the murders sent shockwaves throughout the nation and rocked the town of Crystal Lake; the madness had started all over again. The new series of murders was even more gruesome and savage than the murders of the two teenage counselors back in 1958, the total number of victims from this rampage was ten, including the owner Steven Christy, and not counting the murderer who Alice had said called herself Mrs. Voorhees, the townspeople knowing who she was and in utter disbelief that Pamela was capable of such savage violence. Police had found Pamela's headless corpse by the beach but no sign of her head was found anywhere. Pamela's body was taken away and later buried at the Eternal Peace Cemetery, as Camp Crystal Lake was again shut down, the residents hoping this time that it was for good.

Alice had undergone some therapy while staying at the Wessex County Medical Center, some relatives coming over to console her over the recent chaos she had experienced. Alice was discharged from the hospital a few weeks later and resumed living on her own, ready to move on with her life. She wouldn't get much of a chance to do so however, when on one fateful night in August 1979, just two months after the massacre at Camp Crystal Lake that still overwhelmed the public with it's volume of violence, Alice was murdered in her home. Blood was found everywhere in her kitchen but no-one knew what had happened to her, her body was nowhere to be found. This led people to believe Jason was responsible for Alice's murder, and that he would embark on a quest for vengeance to avenge his slain mother. The news of Alice's disappearance and likely murder sparked legends that Jason Voorhees was somehow still alive and living in the woods of Crystal Lake near the camp, having witnessed his mother's beheading and was on the prowl for intruders and anyone else who dared to cross his path, Jason wanting to avenge his mother's murder by killing anyone who trespassed into the woods.

The Body Count Continues....

Camping, hunting and hiking in Crystal Lake plummeted before it became virtually non-existent for several years, the legend of Jason Voorhees frightening many, while others simply regarded the Voorhees legend as a ghost story that was meant to fuel the fire of such a sensational case. Legend had it that every Friday The 13th was an especially important day, for Friday The 13th was the day the counselors were murdered back in 1958 and was now the day of the Camp Crystal Lake Massacre in 1980. Many believed every year on a Friday The 13th a new wave of murders would occur, but others denounced this, saying it was simply folklore and a coincidence, and that Jason Voorhees was long dead and his mother now was too, both of them even had town death certificates to prove it. Unfortunately, those who didn't believe were all proven wrong, just a few years later in the Summer of 1984, and for many years to come. In fact, over the course of the next two decades, the Voorhees legacy of death would thrive.

In early 1984, a college graduate named Paul Holt had decided to open a counselor training center in the woods of Crystal Lake, to train some of his fellow college graduates to become counselors, Holt himself having worked as a camp counselor in the past. Assisting him was his long-time girlfriend, Virginia Field, who was a child psychology major. Holt had a respectable reputation for being a good counselor and being a good trainer, someone who was a friendly as they were hard-working, but Holt's plans to open the counselor training center were met with some resistance when residents found out the Packanack Lodge that Holt would open to train his counselors was to be opened near the old campgrounds of Camp Crystal Lake, which had been condemned and off-limits to the public since Pamela Voorhees embarked on her gruesome killing spree. Holt had managed to open the Packanack Lodge anyway and by July 1984 everything was going smoothly. Until July 13th, which was a Friday.

It was only the second day since the Packanack Lodge had opened and serious counselor training would begin on the 14th, but for the 13th, Holt had allowed all of the counselors in training to party. That night Holt and most of the other counselors had gone to party at the local bar and casino, while some other counselors remained at the lodge, two of whom were stationed there as punishment for trespassing on the condemned Camp Crystal Lake nearby when a cop had caught them trespassing earlier. All of them were completely unaware that they were being watched and stalked by a new killer, who was none other than Jason Voorhees. The legends were true, Jason was ready to kill for his mother, and he began to brutally slay anyone who so much as crossed paths with him. He killed without mercy nor remorse, killed without hesitation and second thoughts, operating on animal instincts and impulses as he casually yet ragefully murdered the counselors one-by-one, out of vengeance for his beloved mother, the only person who he felt had loved him and accepted him for who he was.

Holt and Field returned to the training center later that night, just as a heavy rainstorm was stopping, to find the main lodge was empty and there were no signs of the counselors who had stayed behind. That night turned out to be a night Holt and Field would never forget, when Jason, wearing farmer's overalls and a flannel shirt and with a white pillow sack over his head with an eyehole cut into it for his left eye, rushed in to attack Holt as he checked the power to the lodge. Jason then proceeded to chase Field throughout the training center and ultimately the old campgrounds nearby where Field fled into an old shack, finding a creepy shrine Jason had made consisting of his mother's disembodied and decomposed head, her sweater, some candles and some corpses near the shrine, like a ritual sacrifice of sorts. Field had donned the sweater of Pamela Voorhees, as Jason axed his way inside the shrine room with a pick axe, Field trying to pose as Pamela when Jason entered, Jason initially thinking he was seeing his mother back after all the years he hadn't seen her, when he saw he had been tricked and he attacked Field, but not before Holt came to the rescue and fought with Jason.

Holt was almost killed by the raging killer when Field brutally brought a rusted machete down into Jason's left shoulder, embedding within, as Jason became dazed and fell to ground, having been attacked by the same machete that had claimed his mother's life when it had beheaded her. Field lifted the pillow sack off of Jason's head, revealing his badly disfigured face and misshapen bald head, Jason looking nothing like how Field had envisioned him, her vision of him looking like a monstrous caveman. Holt carried the wounded Field to a nearby cabin at the training center, as Field fell asleep and had a horrific nightmare of Jason attacking her when he crashed through a window behind her, looking just like her old vision of him. Field was taken to the hospital the next morning to be treated for shock while Holt told police what had happened.

Weekend of Terror

Unknown to everyone, Jason had not in fact died but somehow managed to survive the machete wound and he continued his reign on terror on the Friday The 13th weekend. He killed a grocery store owner and his wife, and Jason had gotten a new set of clothes from them consisting of a dark green work shirt and grey khaki pants. He then eventually found his way to Higgins Haven, a lodge and barn recreational spot, and continued his rampage, killing a trio of bikers and a group of fun-loving college students staying at the haven. It was from one of his victims at the haven that he eventually acquired his next mask which would become his signature: an old-style white hockey goalie mask, with a series of holes drilled into it, black leather headstraps, and red arrow-shaped markings on the cheeks and an inverted red triangle on the forehead, just above the nose. The only survivor of Jason's second rampage was a young girl named Christina Higgins, who had an encounter with Jason two years earlier when she ran away from her home and had been assaulted that night by Jason.

Christina barely survived her second encounter with the kill-crazy Jason, having subdued him with an axe to the left side of his head, the axe burying deep into his skull when he fell over. Christina set out into the small lake by the barn where Jason had been subdued, Christina setting out in a canoe and resting, awaking the next morning and finding Jason wasn't dead, seeing his unmasked and badly disfigured face with the bloody axe wound on the upper left side of his forehead through one of the barn's upper windows. Jason gave off an eerie smile as Christina became panicked, looking for an exit, Jason coming out of the barn to pursue her.

Jason then out of sight when out of nowhere from the lake, the decomposed corpse of Pamela Voorhees, her head still intact, reached up for Christina and pulled her underwater, giving off a hideous scream as she did so. Christina awoke again to find out it was all just a terrible nightmare, as she was escorted to safety by police who had arrived at the scene, Christina taken to a hospital where she was treated for extreme shock. Jason Voorhees had been caught and he was dead... except he wasn't, his true reign of death was only just beginning by this point.

The Final Chapter?

That night, police, paramedics and forensic examiners arrived at the scene, Jason's body hauled away along with the corpses of his latest batch of victims. Jason was taken to the morgue of the Wessex County Medical Center and placed in a morgue freezer, but he awoke, again, and he brutally killed two hospital workers and left the hospital, unnoticed by anyone, and resumed his killing spree over the next two days. He killed a hitchhiker and the next night began to prowl two lodges deep in the woods of Crystal Lake, where he brutally murdered a group of partying teenagers, and went to murder a family who lived next door to the lodge the teenagers had rented. He had killed a single mother before he went after her two children, a seventeen-year old daughter and a twelve-year old son. He had also killed the hunter who had befriended the woman's daughter, Robert Dier, the brother of Sandra Dier, one of the counselors killed at the Packanack Lodge, Robert wanting vengeance against Jason but losing his life in the process. Jason terrorized the two young siblings, before chasing the older sister and nearly killing her, when her brother came downstairs, calling for Jason, Jason turning to see the boy had shaved his head and looked much like Jason himself had when he was a boy. Jason curiously approached the boy, when the boy's sister attempted to attack him with a machete, Jason turning around and the young girl instead hitting his mask strap by accident, his mask coming off and his terribly disfigured, water-logged and decaying face exposed, his misshapen lips forming an eerie smile.

As the unmasked Jason moved in on the girl, her brother crept behind Jason, picking up the machete, and as Jason turned around to face the boy, the boy struck Jason in the left side of his head with the machete. The lethal blade deeply lodged into Jason's skull, Jason feeling agonizing pain as he fell to his knees and slid down the machete, the long blade slicing through his brain and left eye and penetrating through his skull, blood pooling out, Jason losing consciousness. The nightmare was over... or was it? As the two young siblings hugged each other, the boy noticed Jason's fingers were twitching; amazingly the killer had still defied death. The boy went into a rage as he hacked Jason to death with the machete, shouting "Die!" repeatedly as he hacked and maimed the killer. The boy was Thomas Jarvis, his older sister Patricia Jarvis. Tommy would spend the majority of his young life in a mental institution following this incident, Thomas having been committed after visiting Patricia at the Wessex County Medical Center following the incident. Jason Voorhees was finally no more, he was dead, and Crystal Lake could rest knowing the Voorhees Family's reign of terror had finally ended...or did it?

Jason Lives

Jason Voorhees (prior 2008)

Jason lurking in the woods of Cam Crystal Lake, in which he had used a version of his sack attire.

It was around this time after Jason's burial (where Elias had been the only one in attendance and he'd paid good money for Jason's funeral and burial as well as Pamela's burial years before as he'd lived in immense guilt and shame over the next several years, unable to live with himself for what he felt had been murders he himself was responsible for, not Jason or Pamela) that he remembered the magic spell he cast over Crystal Lake and that it must've worked to an extent in bringing Jason back.

With his body and wounds healed up, Jason awoke sometime later, breaking his way out of the coffin and, after clawing and digging his way out, he was out of his grave and began to wander back to home. Over the years, living among the dilapidated cabins of Camp Crystal Lake and in the mine system below the area, Jason steals some of what he needs from nearby residences and covers his deformed visage with an old sack. He also made a jacket by cutting off the top of a hunting jacket and sewing it over the top of a military jacket. He also creates a holster for his machete, or any weapon he had seen fit to hold on to.

Jason would began to kill those who trespassed on his territory, often disposing of the bodies of his victims, making it seem as though they had simply disappeared. The locals of Crystal Lake soon became aware of Jason, and avoid going near the old campgrounds, believing that if they left him alone he would do likewise.

A Mother’s Return?

Jason Voorhees (2008) 1

Jason sneaking up behind a tent for his next victim, before capturing her...

Jason Voorhees (2008) 2

... then setting her on fire.

On May the 2nd, 2008, several college students led by a young man named Wade hiked to Camp Crystal Lake; having been tipped off that a large amount of wild marijuana grew in the area. After the group sets up camp, Jason, when Wade goes off into the night to urinate and stumbles upon the marijuana, murders the young man with his machete. With Wade dead, Jason spies on another young man, Richie, and his girlfriend, who are both having sex inside their tent. When Richie leaves the tent believing it to be Wade who was spying on him and his girl, his presence having been sensed by the girlfriend and attacks her. Trapping her inside her own sleeping bag, Jason leaves her by dangling her upside-down from a tree over a campfire and the fire slowly burns her alive. Jason also sets a bear trap nearby, which Richie sets off when he rushes to try and help her.

Jason Voorhees (2008) 3

Jason emerging from the secret hatch that leads to the mines.

Jason Voorhees (2008) 4

Jason beelines towards Whitney only to stop because she reminded him of his mother.

With Richie incapacitated Jason ventures back to his and his mother's old house, where he attacks Whitney Miller and her boyfriend Mike. Entering a tunnel beneath the house Jason begins shoving his machete up through the floorboards, injuring Mike, who he drags into the tunnels through a trapdoor and finishes off. Chasing Whitney back to the campsite, Jason kills Richie with his machete when Whitney tries to help her friend out of the bear trap after trying to save him and his girlfriend. Tearing his machete out of Richie's head Jason prepares to strike Whitney down too but relents at the last second, noticing the girl's resemblance to his mother Pamela when she was younger. Taking Whitney back to his lair, Jason shackles her to the wall and gives her a procession of his mother's, a locket. Afterward Jason disposes of the bodies of Whitney's friends, leaving practically no trace of them, stumping the authorities.

Six Weeks Later

On Friday June the 13th, six weeks after abducting Whitney and murdering her friends, Jason travels to a farm, an employee of which, Donnie, had early infringed upon his territory to take some of the marijuana Wade had been after. Luring Donnie up into the attic of a barn, Jason attacks and, during the scuffle, has his sack mask is pulled off. Donnie startled by his now exposed face Jason kills the farmhand by slashing his throat with a machete which kills him. Jason reaches down to collect his sack when he spots a faded old hockey mask among the piled junk in the room. Taking the mask, Jason tries it on and, after glancing at himself in a nearby mirror, decides to keep it and leave the sack behind.

Going to Crystal Lake, Jason finds a group of college students have traveled to the area to party in a house owned by the group's leader, Trent Sutton. While Nolan and girlfriend Chelsea water ski on the lake, Jason kills Nolan while he is driving Trent's motorboat by shooting him in the head from afar with a bow and arrow. When Chelsea, who had accidentally been hit by the boat after Nolan dies and loses control of it, hides from him under the Crystal Lake dock, Jason, after looking around for her, spots her and stabs her in the head with his machete through the dock slats.

When night falls, Jason, carrying Donnie's corpse, goes back to Camp Crystal Lake and, after hearing noises uttered by the hidden Clay Miller (Whitney's brother, whom had come looking for her during the six weeks) and his friend Jenna, turns on the camp lights and begins thrashing about in search of the cause of the noise. After knocking several stacked canoes over, Jason gives up in his search and continues with transporting Donnie's body to his lair. Underground, Jason takes the body to storage and leaves Clay's bag (which he found on the campgrounds) with Whitney. Settling down Jason begins sharpening his machete and experiences a flashback of his mother's death, prompting him to throw a tantrum and begin thrashing about wildly, nearly attacking the panicking Whitney before she soothes him by saying his name and showing him his mother's locket. After being calmed down Jason leaves Whitney.

Going to Trent's house sometime later Jason finds Whitney there, the girl having managed to escape his lair earlier. Dragging Whitney back to his hideout Jason chains her up again before going back to Trent's house and cutting the power to the residence before entering the tool shed, where he confronts Chewie. Attacking Chewie, Jason, when the young man tries to defend himself with a screwdriver, grabs the tool and stabs him in the throat with it. Stringing Chewie's corpse up from the shed ceiling, Jason distracts Lawrence, who had come in search of Chewie, with it before revealing himself. Fighting with Lawrence, Jason loses his grasp on the boy, who escapes from the shed and begins running back to Trent's house. Grabbing a hatchet, Jason hurls the weapon at the fleeing Lawrence's back, severely injuring him. Leaving Lawrence alive for several minutes in attempt to lure his friends out of the house, Jason, when this ploy fails, finishes Lawrence off and climbs onto the roof of Trent's house. Sneaking in, Jason kills Bree by impaling her on a door hook and shortly afterward kills Officer Bracke by stabbing him in the eye with a fireplace poker, the officer having been earlier called to the house by Clay.

A “Mother’s” Love

When Clay, Jenna and Trent run from the house Jason goes after Trent, following him to the main road. When a motorist stops to help Trent, Jason, before Trent can hop in the driver's pickup truck, skewers the young man with his machete and subsequently impales him on one of several spikes protruding from the back of the truck. After the truck driver flees in a panic with Trent still hanging on the back of his vehicle, Jason tracks Clay and Jenna down to the tunnels, where the duo had found and freed Whitney. Chasing after the three, Jason manages to murder Jenna by impaling her with his machete before following the Miller siblings through a tunnel which leads to an overturned bus. Catching up with Clay, Jason begins beating him, only to be distracted by Whitney long enough for her and her brother to escape to the barn where Donnie worked.

Fighting with Clay in the barn, Jason is injured when, after Whitney pretends to be Pamela, Clay sets a bear trap off on his shoulder and wraps a hanging chain around his neck with Whitney before tossing one end of the chain into Donnie's woodchipper. Lifted off the ground due to the chain being caught in the spinning blades of the woodchipper, Jason, before this hanging kills him, falls to the ground when the wooden beam the chain was thrown over breaks. Still restrained by the chain and woodchipper, Jason, as he tries to attack, is stabbed in the chest by Whitney, an attack which seemingly kills him. After being stabbed, the presumably dead Jason is brought to a Crystal Lake dock, where he, his mask and Pamela's locket are dumped in the lake by Whitney and Clay. Falling to the bottom of the lake, Jason, still alive, shoots upward and comes crashing through the dock and grabs Whitney.

Role in Supernatural Horror RPG, Season One

A Cold Friday the 13th

Regular Appearance

Jason Voorhees stands at six feet five inches tall and weighs about two hundred and twenty pounds. He has a muscular and strong body from living in the forest and surviving on animals. He has brown eyes, and his auburn brown hair is very sparse with only small wisps and patches, although has worn a blonde wig in recent years. He has long slightly blackened fingernails.

Jason commonly wears ragged backwoods clothing; his clothes have included coveralls with a flannel shirt and a sack mask that's made from a pillow case with a single eye hole, a dark forest work shirt and gray cargo pants, and a long, sewn-together combo of a hunting jacket and military style jacket, a t-shirt full of holes, and well-worn combat boots. He continues to wear the last mention.

Jason's head is still misshapen and his eyes are still crookedly aligned and bloodshot, and his skin has a slightly rugged and bumpy quality to it. However conflicting reports has Jason looking like a grizzly mountain man or a man with a pig-like face. His body though has several war wounds from his encounters from people. Although he has an assortment of assorted injuries, his two main scarred wounds are his shoulder wound caused from Ginny Fields and head would caused from both Chris Higgins and Tommy Jarvis, although Chris had used an axe and both Ginny and Tommy had used Jason's very own machete. Most notably he also has scarred wounding caused from again Tommy Jarvis when he chopped into the body of Jason after using Jason's machete to nail him in the same spot as Chris did and it slid him down to the floor while the machete was still stuck inside his head, but Tommy chopped into the body after seeing Jason's hand move and he went into a rage and chopped into the body.

His most defining feature is the old-fashioned hockey goalie mask he wears, often the mask being a replica of his original mask that he had taken from one of his many victims, Sheldon "Shelly" Finkelstein, during the weekend of July 13th, 1984. He originally lost the mask when it was taken off by Tommy Jarvis; his current mask however is another form of Shelly’s mask, the mask looks just like Shelly’s but in a more dirty, worn-out look giving it more of a pale cream color, also the triangles are sort of peeling off in a few places.

Trademark Gear

Jason Voorhees doesn't have a preference for weapons; he's extremely skilled with cutlery and other sharp implements.

He seems to have an affinity in using machetes, axes, and survival knives, as he employs any of the three, particularly the machete which in most recent years he has a machete holster strapped to his left leg and also has leather straps attached on its grip. Jason is also very good in using his bare hands as killing weapons and also makes good use of any implement or blunt object he's able to come into possession such as items like a pitchfork, a wrench, or even a screwdriver.


While not counting as being part of his gear, Jason Voorhees has exhibited both very powerful brute (near superhuman) strength and the ability to regenerate. Both of which not only make him a virtually unstoppable killer, but also makes him effectively immortal. His ability to regenerate seems to occur when Jason is not mobile or "powered down" such as being knocked out or slightly dead and also it has let his body almost remain perfectly intact despite the incalculable damage he has received over the years.