Mark Hoffman has appeared in Horror RPG Series 3, Season 1.

Mark Hoffman
Hoffman (S3-S1)
Alias:Detective Hoffman, Forensic Hoffman
Date of Birth:09-03-1962
Place of Birth:Los Angeles, California
Date of Death:NA, still alive and well
Occupation:Homicide Detective and Serial Killer
Age:44 (in 2006); 45 (in 2007)
Family:Unnamed father (possibly deceased); unnamed mother (possibly deceased); Angelina Hoffman-Acomb (sister, deceased); the rest of his family is currently unknown
Skills:Detective work, forensics works, firearms training, extremely deceptive and cunning, able to construct death traps
Downfalls:Arrogant and overconfident, is easily jealous of other people, sometimes tampers with evidence at crime scenes, uses John Kramer's MO for his own personal and selfish reasons
Theme Song:"Getting Away With Murder" by Papa Roach
Major Allies:The LAPD (for now, they're unaware of his involvement), Robert G. Durant and his associates, Michael Myers
Minor Allies:Some law enforcement
Major Rivals:Amanda Young, Detective Eric Matthews, Detective Allison Kerry, Detective David Tapp, Lieutenant Daniel R. Rigg, FBI Special Agent Peter Strahm, Seth Baxter (deceased)
Minor Rivals:John Doe, Law enforcement and those he wants to kill
Portrayer:Costas Mandylor
Controller:Jigsaw (writer) (S3-S1)
  • Special Note: The events of the first five Saw films, as well as sections of the Saw: Rebirth comic and the the flashbacks that were shown in SAW VI, are canon in this continuity while we are slightly remaking SAW VI for Series 3. Some creative liberties have also been taken for storytelling purposes and to fill in some gaps. It is VERY VERY STRONGLY advised that you see all five of the Saw films before reading this wiki if you haven't, since this wiki contains major spoilers for all of the films. Proceed at your own risk.

Mark Hoffman is a main character from the Saw film series and controlled by Jigsaw.

Character History Edit

"From now on, I control all aspects of the game." - Mark Hoffman

Life And Career Edit

Mark Hoffman was born on September 3rd, 1962 to Greek-Australian immigrants. Not much is known about his early life, but it appears that he had a fairly normal upbringing and had a happy relationship with his younger sister, Angelina, who would be his only family into adulthood. He did well in school and after graduating from high school, attended courses on forensics work in college and following his college graduation, started working for the LAPD as a detective with their forensics unit.

Hoffman Sis

A photo of Hoffman's sister, Angelina, taken before the shocking events that transpired.

Hoffman developed an obsession with serial killers and their crimes, and felt the desire to become a killer himself and to cover up his tracks using his detective skills, but he never pursued his sick fantasy. Not until sometime in 2000, when his life would forever be changed, and he would find himself evolving in a way that he never imagined or even dreamed of.

Inspiration For Destruction Edit

Seth Baxter, a man with a violent criminal record whom Hoffman had attempted to frame and was also in an abusive relationship with his sister, retaliated against Hoffman for revenge and killed Angelina. Hoffman was horrified at the demise of his sister, whom he always had a very close relationship with. Baxter was sentenced to twenty-five years for the murder of Angelina, but he was released five years later as the Spring of 2005 neared, due to a legal technicality.

Hoffman was enraged and felt that the justice system had betrayed him, despite the fact that Hoffman himself was also a corrupt figure who managed to evade capture and persecution. Hoffman wouldn't stand to let Baxter walk away unpunished, and decided to take matters into his own hands. It was when a grisly homicide made the news that appeared to employ torture and sadism as the killer's MO, and the killer was nicknamed "Jigsaw" for the jigsaw-shaped pieces of flesh carved out of the skin of the two victims. It appeared that Jigsaw killed people with ironic death traps that mirrored their personal flaws in their lives.

Hoffman was intrigued, and the killing not only inspired him to take action against his sister's killer, but it also got him re-acquainted with his fascination with serial killers and his own fantasies of being a killer himself.

"Some call this karma... I call it justice." Edit

Hoffman spent some time studying engineering and physics to construct a lethal death trap for Baxter, consisting of a swinging pendulum that would lower and ultimately sever the person through their mid-section, even if they did what they were told to do to escape; in Baxter's case, it was to crush his hands with the two nearby hand-crushing devices to crush his hands to disable the trap. Hoffman chose a rundown and vacant warehouse to stage Baxter's trap and construct it, and after he finished, he made his own replica of the bizarre clown-like puppet that Jigsaw employed in his torture-murders and used a voice changer to deliver a message to Baxter for his trap, recording an instructional video tape using his puppet replica.


Seth Baxter awaking to find himself in Hoffman's ultimately inescapable Death Pendulum trap.

With the trap set and finished, Hoffman hunted down Baxter at his apartment and abducted him, then brought him back to the warehouse where Baxter was strapped down onto the table below the pendulum. Hoffman went to a nearby room and through an eyehole, watched Baxter awake and learn of his predicament and what he had to do to survive, which was to crush his hands with the nearby hand-crushing mechanisms to disable the pendulum.

Baxter did so and suffered immense agony from crushing his hands, but his effort was for nothing, as the pendulum swung down and cleaved him apart from his mid-section, killing him. The last thing Baxter would see before he expired was the glaring eye of Hoffman through the eyehole, watching and savoring his suffering.

Seth 2

Hoffman present at the scene of Seth Baxter's brutal demise.

Hoffman was satisfied with Baxter's demise, and went over to his corpse, cutting out a jigsaw-shaped piece of flesh to make it look even more like a Jigsaw murder. The murder immediately caught the attention of the LAPD, who suspected it as another Jigsaw murder. Hoffman was never suspected, but two weeks later, he would get the shock and life-changing surprise of his lifetime.

"What do you want from me?" Edit

Hoffman was heading home to his apartment, when he went inside an elevator and was one of only two people inside it, along with another man. Hoffman was suspicious of the man's somewhat shadowy demeanor, when he was jumped and sedated by the man. Hoffman awoke sometime later, finding himself strapped to a chair and being confronted by the same man he saw in the elevator. The man was John Kramer, better known to the public by his nickname of Jigsaw, and he angrily confronted Hoffman about copying his MO and using it for murder, something Kramer despised and never intended his work to be used for.

Hoffman John 3

Hoffman captured and intimidated by the real Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer.

Hoffman defended himself by claiming that Seth Baxter murdered his sister and didn't deserve a chance, but Kramer insisted that everybody deserved a chance at life and to become better people. Kramer insisted that there were better ways to help people, and that killing was wrong under any circumstances. Hoffman, wary of his life, asked Kramer what he wanted. Kramer simply replied that he wanted to see if Hoffman had what it took to survive. Kramer threatened Hoffman by exposing his behind-the-scenes criminal activity to the LAPD if he didn't help him with his next games.

Hoffman realized he was being blackmailed, but Kramer viewed it as redemption. Hoffman was released from his bonds, and found himself growing a little more comfortable around Kramer, drawn by his philosophy and MO. As he got to know him better, he learned that Kramer came from quite a tragic background, having lost his unborn son and being diagnosed with an untreatable strain of cancer sometime after that. Kramer believed that most people didn't cherish their lives and that it was his life's mission to help people to do so. Hoffman agreed to assist Kramer with his work, intrigued by it.

Learning The Ropes Edit

Hoffman Paul

Hoffman helps John abduct Paul Stallberg for his gruesome Razor Wire Cage trap in a seedy part of Downtown Los Angeles, both in their pig mask disguises.

Hoffman's first task at assisting John Kramer came when Kramer went for Paul Stallberg, one of his co-workers at Standard Engineering Limited, the engineering company he worked for as a toymaker and civil engineer. Kramer wanted Stallberg tested for his drinking problem and an addiction to self-mutilation, inspite of the fact that Stallberg lived a good life with his family. Kramer's trap for him was a cage full of long lines and entanglements of razor wire, meant to reflect his self-mutilation. Hoffman helped Kramer set up the deadly trap, and all they needed now was it's subject.

Hoffman John 2

Hoffman and John watching the test of Paul Stallberg.

Kramer and Hoffman, disguised in grotesque pig masks, tracked Stallberg down to a seedy section of Downtown Los Angeles. Stallberg was found drinking before breaking his glass bottle and attempting to cut his wrists with it. Kramer and Hoffman both caught Stallberg's attention, who tried to fight back, but the two managed to render him unconscious and bring him into an abandoned building's basement, where his trap awaited him. He was placed inside it, and Hoffman watched the ordeal with Kramer through a room connected to the basement, seeing that Stallberg was ultimately unsuccessful in his escape attempt; he bled to death.

After witnessing Stallberg's demise, Hoffman was asked by his new mentor to plant a penlight he swiped from Dr. Lawrence Gordon during his stay at the Angel Of Mercy Hospital at their next testing site. Hoffman agreed, and helped Kramer with the next test, abducting software analyst and part-time con artist Mark Rodriguez for his trap, which had him locked in a dank room with a safe containing an antitode to cure the poison he'd been injected with.

To find the combination, the naked Rodriguez would have to locate one of countless possible combinations written all over the walls and endure immense pain from the broken glass shards strewn all along the floor. He would also have to act quickly, for he was smeared and covered in a flammable gel substance and his only light source was a candle. Rodriguez failed his test, burning to death after the candle's flame struck the flammable gel on his body. After Rodriguez's demise, Hoffman planted the penlight and Dr. Gordon, who Kramer wanted to eventually test for his unfaithfulness to his wife, was suspected by Detective David Tapp as the Jigsaw Killer.

Amanda Young Edit

Hoffman's next task for Kramer was to help him kidnap Amanda Young, a drug addict who'd overdosed on heroin and still had severe drug abuse problems, despite being in and out of rehabilitation clinics. Kramer and Hoffman traced Amanda to a alleyway in the slums of Downtown Los Angeles, making a drug deal with her heroin supplier, Donnie Greco. Kramer and Hoffman, in their pig masks disguises as always, jumped Amanda and Greco, rendering them both unconscious before bringing them over to the storeroom of an abandoned apartment complex.

Hoffman bound Amanda's wrists to an armchair in the center of the room and set Greco in place, overdosing him with opium to make him appear dead to Amanda when she eventually awoke and learned of her predicament. Amanda's trap would involve a crude head contraption called the Jaw Splitter rigged to her mouth and set to rip it apart if she didn't cut through Greco's stomach to find the key to unlock the trap and escape.

When the trap was set, Hoffman watched with Kramer as Amanda awoke and learned of her predicament. Hoffman wanted to see Amanda fail, curious to see what kind of damage the Jaw Splitter would do to her head, after being fascinated by the ways in which he witnessed the deaths of Seth Baxter, Paul Stallberg and Mark Rodriguez.

To his disappointment, Amanda survived her ordeal and unlocked the Jaw Splitter in time. Hoffman would be even more disappointed when Kramer considered having Amanda be an accomplice, and he ultimately recruited her, much to the dismay and annoyance of Hoffman.

Obedience Edit

Right off the bat, Amanda and Hoffman didn't get along with each other. Amanda distrusted Hoffman because he was with the police and she had a hatred of the police ever since she was framed by Detective Eric Matthews for heroin possession that ultimately set the stage for her heroin problem after her release from prison. Hoffman disliked Amanda for her impulsiveness and emotional problems, as well as the fact she had a bad habit of letting her emotions get in the way of what Kramer asked of her to do.

Inspite of this, Hoffman continued to help John and would also help Amanda. Hoffman's next task for John, which was almost immediately after Amanda's recruitment, was to abduct a dentist named Jeffrey Ridenhour, who'd been in trouble the previous week for molesting children at his clinic, but was released due to a lack of evidence. Hoffman knew Ridenhour was guilty and suggested that he be a test subject for John, who agreed. Hoffman abducted Ridenhour later that night and brought him over to John's warehouse hideout at 213 Stygian Street.

Ridenhour was shackled to a contraption John had built called the Drill Chair, and he was also gagged when he awoke and was consistently making noise, risking the possibility of attracting unwanted outside attention to John's work and blowing Hoffman's cover.

Hoffman left for home after procuring Ridenbour for John, and sometime not long after he left, John's warehouse hideout was raided illegally by Detective David Tapp and his partner, Detective Steven Sing. Tapp was wounded and Sing was killed by a Shotgun Rig trap that Hoffman helped to rig to keep out potential intruders. Amanda cared for John when he was being treated for his gunshot leg at Angel Of Mercy (where she also worked), and Ridenhour was killed by the Drill Chair trap before the LAPD arrived at the scene. Hoffman however managed to procure some key items from the hideout before the LAPD got there, and after John recovered (the LAPD didn't know he was Jigsaw yet), they moved to their new hideout, at an inoperational and defunct steel mill in one of Downtown L.A.'s industrial districts.

After settling at their new hideout, John and Hoffman meticulously planned out their game for Dr. Lawrence Gordon, along with help from Amanda. The game went into motion in late October 2005, after five long months of planning. The game for Dr. Gordon would involve a nosy amateur photographer named Adam Faulkner, whom Amanda was set to abduct, while Hoffman would procure Gordon and John would be busy setting up their game in a disgusting sewer bathroom.

Hoffman, in his pig mask disguise, abducted Gordon in the parking lot of a hotel where he was seeing a prostitute, and after bringing Gordon to the bathroom and shackling his unconscious body to a pipe near the door, he then went for Zep Hindle, under John's orders. Hoffman abducted Zep and injected him with a toxin, then gave him the tools he needed to hold Dr. Gordon's wife and daughter hostage in their apartment, as well as monitor the progress of Gordon's game with Adam inside the bathroom.

After Hoffman finished all of this, he headed for the steel mill hideout, and watched later with Amanda at the unfolding game in the bathroom on some monitors, which ultimately resulted in Dr. Gordon sawing off his foot and shooting Adam (but not killing him) to win his game when time ran out. Zep Hindle would be killed by Adam after having his head repeatedly bashed in by a toilet tank lid, and Gordon, missing his foot, crawled out of the bathroom to get help. John, disguised in the center of the bathroom as a corpse, rose from the floor and revealed himself to be the mastermind of the game to Adam, as Adam learned from Zep's tape. John left Adam to die, and Hoffman went with Amanda to pick up John, as well as Gordon's unconscious body, which they dumped near Angel Of Mercy.

After the bathroom game, Hoffman scoped out the sewer tunnels to ensure no traceable evidence had been left behind, when he discovered the corpse of Detective David Tapp. He dragged the corpse out of the sewers and disposed of it in a ravine on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Afterwards, he returned to John and Amanda, and suggested John's next test subject: Eric Matthews, the one responsible for framing and arresting Amanda. Little did either John or Amanda know was that Eric was actually never guilty of corruption; Hoffman had slyly framed him by planting evidence at the scene of seven people and led Eric to the crime scenes, where he made the arrests. Hoffman did this to advance to the rank of Lieutenant Detective, which Eric was about to, despite the fact that Hoffman had been with the LAPD for longer than Eric.

Amanda being a worthless druggie in Hoffman's eyes was another reason he disliked her and disliked working with her, but upon suggesting to test Eric, Amanda became noticably more obedient and compliant, wanting to get back at the man she believed ruined her life. Neither John or Amanda was aware of Hoffman's true reasoning for wanting Eric out of the picture though, for Hoffman had been planning to get several law enforcement individuals he knew out of the scene so his department wouldn't be onto him. Eric was just the first step in a grand plan he had in his mind, as he grew more comfortable in the role of John's most helpful follower.

Baiting Edit

In the months between October 2005 and April 2006, Hoffman helped John and Amanda plan out their test for Eric Matthews, which would end up being quite complex and elaborate, involving a decrepit and abandoned old house John owned during his real estate career that they would rig with an array of deadly traps for six of Eric Matthews' seven "victims" (Amanda had no actual trap, and reluctantly agreed to be an inside player during the ordeal).

Hoffman provided John with the mugshots and file folders as well as the sarin nerve gas to pump inside the house, and when the game was set to begin in April, Hoffman abducted Matthews' informant, Michael Marks, and placed him inside a ghastly Death Mask contraption that killed him after he failed to cut out his eye to get the key implanted behind it to escape from the device. Hoffman left a message for Eric at the crime scene and cut out a jigsaw piece from Michael's corpse, and there would be a major clue to lead Eric to Wilson Steel, the steel mill he hid out at with John and Amanda, the WS logo being engraved on the Death Mask's metal.

With this major clue left for Eric to find, Hoffman helped with the finishing touches to the house (which was nicknamed "the Traphouse" by the trio) and helped Amanda kidnap the subjects, along with Obadiah "Obi" Tate, who was one of them and was required to kidnap the females of the group as a part of his test.After the Traphouse games ended, with Amanda and Daniel as the only survivors, Daniel went unconscious and was held captive inside a safe in John's workshop at Wilson Steel.

The trio had another hideout to flee to, John's old Gideon Meat Packing Plant, where they would migrate after Eric's test was over the next day. Hoffman remained on the LAPD, all of whom were completely unaware that for well over a year, he had been assisting Jigsaw.

Uncovering The Truth Edit

After Eric's test went unsuccessful and resulted in Eric failing, the trio finally moved over to Gideon, where Amanda tended to John. Hoffman, suspicious that Amanda had done something with Eric, went to check in the sewers and in the industrial bathroom, where she claimed Eric was, only to find that he wasn't there, but had escaped. Hoffman followed a blood trail that led to Eric's battered and unconscious body, left for dead by Amanda after what Hoffman presumed was a brutal fight.

Hoffman Eric

Hoffman dragging Eric Matthews' unconscious body into a small and dank cell deep in the tunnels of the Los Angeles sewer system.

Hoffman Eric 2

Hoffman bringing Eric his prison garb and a leg brace for his destroyed foot.

Hoffman dragged Eric's body into a very small and disgusting cell deep in the bowels of the Los Angeles sewer system, and returned later with a pair of orange prison coveralls and a makeshift leg brace for his destroyed and useless right foot. Between the months of April 2006 to October 2006, Eric was kept in solitary confinement in miserable conditions, but Hoffman would check on him to ensure he was alive so he could be kept alive for a major test involving SWAT Lieutenant Daniel Robert Rigg, whom Hoffman had also suggested to John as a test subject.

After Hoffman revealed to John that Amanda wasn't fully following the rules upon uncovering Eric's battered body, he and John secretly planned out a re-test behind Amanda's back, all the while orchestrating a series of elaborate interconnecting tests that would involve Rigg.

Hoffman Jill

Hoffman interrogating John Kramer's ex-wife Jill Tuck sometime shortly after the events of Eric Matthews' test.

Planning Ahead Edit

The games were finalized as October 2006 neared. John asked Hoffman to put his former lawyer, Art Blanc, through a test to help prepare for Rigg's test that would run parallel to another series of tests involving Jeffrey Denlon, a grieving father who's son had been accidentally killed by a drunken driver. Hoffman abducted Blanc and another person for his test, and staged the trap inside a mausoleum somewhere in Los Angeles. Art's trap involved a pulley system that would slowly tow chain-nooses secured around the necklines of Art and the person he had to grab the key from to escape. The catch to Art's test was that his mouth was sewn shut, while the other person in his trap had his eyes sewn shut.

Art would have to kill in order to get the key and escape, and he would learn from a tape left for him what he was required to do. This was not the first time that Hoffman was aware of Art Blanc, having been present with Blanc and Rigg a few years earlier when Rigg had been in trouble for punching Rex Koules, a father accused by his daughter of abusing her and her mother, a charge Rigg believed but Hoffman was unsure about due to lack of evidence.

Hoffman Rex

Hoffman present at the scene of Rex Koules' assault at the hands of a disgusted Rigg from a few years prior to his involvement with John Kramer.

After Art passed his test, Hoffman rigged a contraption that John built called the Spine Cutter, the device set to cut Art's spine if he tried to remove it or was struck by blunt physical force. Art would be required to place traps in and around various areas of Los Angeles for the subjects of Rigg's game, who were also people he acquitted in court. Rigg's game would test his obsession with saving people and try to teach him that some people could only save themselves. Rigg's ultimate goal was not to try to save any of the people, and let time ride out to free Eric Matthews from his predicament, thus truly saving the life of his longtime partner and friend.

Hoffman also helped John and Amanda plan out Jeff's test, and both John and Hoffman had been careful not to let Amanda know that Lynn Denlon, the doctor who would be caring for John medically, was Jeff's wife, as it was crucial for Amanda's re-test to learn to value all human life. Hoffman, who had grown more annoyed and disgusted with Amanda and her frequent emotional episodes and feeling she was just a hindrance on John's legacy, thought of a plan to set her up for ultimate failure, and it would come a mere two weeks later, as Jeff and Rigg's interconnecting tests neared.

Set Up For Sabotage Edit

Prior to October 2006, Amanda planned with John and Hoffman for her next two test subjects, Troy LaRose and Allison Kerry, the latter of whom Hoffman suggested for her. Amanda long harbored a deep hatred of those two, Troy for raping her and Kerry for letting Eric get away with his abuse of power. Amanda had Troy's trap ready, but she spent quite a while designing, constructing and testing Kerry's trap. Hoffman saw just the way to get Amanda out of the picture and for him and him only to be John's true successor, by rigging Amanda's traps to be unwinnable and kill the subjects, even if they did what they were instructed to do to survive - just like he did with Seth Baxter.

On October 17th, Hoffman procured Troy for Amanda as she set up his trap, and after he helped her place Troy in his game, Amanda set out to care for John, while Hoffman welded a metal door in place to the classroom Troy was in, sealing his ultimate fate. Troy later awoke and was killed in an ensuing explosion from a nailbomb Hoffman had built, and the LAPD was called to the scene to investigate the aftermath.

Hoffman II

Hoffman examining one of the chains of Troy LaRose's trap - a trap of Amanda Young's that he made impossible to survive.

Hoffman III

Hoffman admiring his gruesome handiwork at the scene of Troy LaRose's death.

Detective Kerry and Lieutenant Rigg were both present at the scene, with both worried that the victim may have been Eric, but Hoffman assured them it wasn't, going by Troy's fingerprints. At the scene, Kerry speculated that the trap wasn't the work of John Kramer, for he was not only too weak and ill by this point, but also because the trap was impossible to survive - meaning he had to have had someone helping him. Hoffman suspected Kerry may have been onto him, but he had his plan to eliminate her as well.

Later that night, Hoffman crept into Kerry's apartment and kidnapped her for Amanda's trap for her, the Angel Harness, which Hoffman helped Amanda set up in the sewers a few days earlier. Hoffman helped Amanda lift Kerry's unconscious body into the trap and secured her into it. Unknown to Amanda, Hoffman tampered with the trap's gears and mechanisms, making it impossible to escape from once the victim was secured in place into it. Hoffman left the scene to resume the investigation with the LAPD and cover his tracks with John and Amanda, while Amanda remained to await Kerry's game.

Sometime after his shift ended, Hoffman returned to the sewers, finding Kerry's grisly remains from having been executed in her trap. Hoffman, also wanting to eliminate Rigg, planted a bullet casing with Rigg's fingerprints into the Angel Harness, and left a clue for the LAPD to follow, by writing "Cherish Your Life" on a wall near Kerry's corpse in her blood. This wasn't the last of his plan to sabotage those he deemed enemies however, and wasn't the last of his plans to set up Amanda, for two days later, an examination of the chains recovered from Troy's murder scene showed Amanda's fingerprints, and she was a suspect in the Jigsaw killings that claimed Troy and Kerry's lives. Hoffman's plans so far had been working the way he wanted, but he knew that more adversity was ahead.

Last Minute Details Edit

The details for the interconnecting tests of Jeff and Rigg were finalized in the days following the deaths of Troy and Kerry, as well as for Amanda, when Hoffman told John that she rigged her traps to be unwinnable and she was betraying his rules. John, hoping he could reform Amanda to follow the rules, decided to secretly re-test her with help from Hoffman. The day prior to the tests being staged, Hoffman abducted Jeff Denlon and his daughter Corbett from their home and kept them prisoner inside Gideon, and then went for Jeff's three enemies: Danica Scott, Barry Halden and Timothy Young (unrelated to Amanda).

Hoffman Tim

Hoffman wheeling Timothy Young into The Rack room to load him into the trap, for Jeff Denlon's test.

Hoffman Time 2

Hoffman helping to set up The Rack trap, wanting to rig it to be impossible to survive.

Hoffman helped John and Amanda set these three in their traps, and caused a bit of friction with John and Amanda during the set-up of Timothy in The Rack trap due to deliberately using the wrong grease on The Rack's twisting gears and also for his careless handling of Timothy as he set him in the trap. He was asked by John if he liked how brutality felt against a human being, and Hoffman crudely responded by saying that John wanted to see Timothy suffer as much as he did.

Hoffman scolded

Hoffman scolded by Amanda during the set-up of The Rack trap, for not being tested unlike her.

This particular incident saw even more animosity between Hoffman and Amanda, with Amanda being smarmy with him about the fact that unlike her, he was never really tested, and he claimed he never was so simply because he didn't take his own life for granted.

Hoffman helped to give all of the five prisoners strong sedatives so they wouldn't awake until Jeff's test began. Hoffman then helped John place various clues for both Jeff and Rigg to follow. Hoffman also warned John about Peter Strahm, a Special Agent with the FBI who had a tendency to be extremely persuasive and brash with his methods, and may have been onto something. A few last-minute details for Strahm were set, including a tape for him inside a secret door in the makeshift infirmary in Gideon's storeroom that served as the trio's main base of operations, a secret door Amanda had no clue about.

Hoffman also had his own trap ready for Strahm, a cube-shaped head device that would fill with water to drown him, in the event Strahm didn't heed John's warnings. Also a part of Strahm's test was for him not to let his emotions dictate his actions, for if he did and he followed the trail, he would cause the death of an innocent man, who was Jeff.

Lastly, Hoffman agreed to be an inside player for Rigg's game, pretending to be a hostage along with a physically and emotionally miserable Eric Matthews. Everything was set for October 21st, 2006.

"Go home." Edit

Hoffman led Rigg and the LAPD SWAT to the location in the sewers where Kerry's remains were. Rigg was absolutely horrified and disgusted to see how his longtime partner had been killed, and it was at this time that further evidence of Rigg's persistence and obsession was more obvious to Hoffman, seeing that he barged through a door in the sewers and darted for Kerry's body, before the scene was clear for the LAPD to proceed. As the LAPD examined the scene, Hoffman advised to Rigg that he go home and let the LAPD do their job to apprehend John and Amanda, as well as recover Eric.

After Rigg left the scene, Agent Strahm arrived along with his partner, Special Agent Lindsay Perez. Strahm presented a key he had been given after receiving the last recorded message from Kerry, a key with the clue "Open the door and you will find me." Hoffman had secretly mailed the key to Kerry to give to Strahm before her death, the key a major clue for Strahm's game and the key to open the infirmary's door at Gideon.

At the scene of Kerry's death, Strahm deduced that John and Amanda must've had another accomplice, as Kerry weighed one-hundred thirty pounds and Amanda only weighed a mere one-hundred seven pounds, too light to lift Kerry into her trap. Hoffman, nervous that Strahm was onto him, suggested that Amanda instead rigged pulleys to get Kerry into her trap, but Strahm was insistent that Amanda must've had help from someone other than the ailing John. The bullet casing Hoffman planted was also uncovered, and was to be scanned for prints.

Hoffman Rigg

Hoffman observing Rigg's obsession that ultimately led to his test.

Later that night at the LAPD precinct Hoffman and Rigg worked at, Hoffman saw more of Rigg's obsessiveness over the case, seeing Rigg watch the interrogation videos of Jill Tuck, John Kramer's ex-wife. Hoffman advised Rigg to go home and stay with his wife Tracy, and it was now Rigg's vacation time. Rigg flatly refused to give up, not giving up until he found his one remaining partner and friend, Eric Matthews. After Rigg headed for home, Hoffman have Agents Strahm and Perez more information to work with, before his shift finished and his other, less lawful one began.

Hoffman Teddy

Hoffman before his shift with the LAPD finished on the night of October 21st, 2006. The teddy bear he's holding is for the captive Corbett Denlon, being held at Gideon Meat Packing.

The Set-up Is Complete Edit

Hoffman Teddy 2

Hoffman giving his alibi to the LAPD before he begins his part in Rigg's game, to avoid being suspected as an accomplice later on.

By request of John, Hoffman gave Amanda an envelope inside a desk drawer in the monitor section of the Gideon storeroom, but he had discarded the letter John wrote to encourage Amanda to make the right decisions during her secret game and instead wrote his own, blackmailing her into killing Lynn Denlon or otherwise he would tell John that Amanda had been the one who caused Gideon Kramer's death on the night John's unborn son died; a fact that John had been completely unaware of the entire time he'd been with Amanda. After writing the blackmailing letter and giving his alibi to the LAPD, went for his disguise and left Gideon, going to get Eric Matthews from the sewers. He returned to Eric's cell, finding an extremely disheveled and battered Eric, and sedated him, before bringing him over to Gideon and placing him in his trap in a large storage room in another section of Gideon. After placing Eric in his trap, John visited Hoffman shortly before Amanda arrived and he discussed Amanda's likely failure as a successor. John said he'd see about that, but before Amanda could enter the infirmary, John handed Hoffman a folder with information and pictures for people he wanted Hoffman to test as a part of Strahm's game.

Hoffman exited the infirmary through the secret door that Amanda was completely unaware of, just mere seconds before Amanda entered the infirmary with Lynn. Hoffman made his way through the secret passage and to the storage room, where he disguised himself as a Jigsaw victim and bound himself to a chair on the scale with Eric's trap. His camouflage was in place.

Trickery Edit

Hoffman Eric Test

Hoffman posing as a test subject for Rigg's game.

Hoffman and the hanging Eric awaited the arrival of Art Blanc inside the storage room, after he set Rigg's game into motion. Art returned in time, and Hoffman continued his facade as a victim, shouting at Art and acting like he was scared. During the entire ordeal, Hoffman witnessed as a very miserable Eric, clearly having lost his will and resilience to go on living, tried to hang himself a couple of times and even at one point cried that he didn't want to play anymore games. Had it not been for Hoffman's cover, he would've smiled at the misery Matthews was enduring.

As Rigg's game neared it's conclusion, Rigg found the path he was supposed to take inside Gideon and approached the storage room, with only mere seconds before his game was over and it would be time for Hoffman, Eric and Art to be released from their traps. Rigg, impatient to the end, barged through the door with only one second remaining for the game to finish. Rigg shot Art, who tried to persuade him not to enter along with Eric, who shot his friend to keep him out and keep him from triggering Eric's death trap, but it was too late; two large and rigged ice blocks moved in to crush Eric's head to bits and kill him.

Reveal Edit

Hoffman Eric Test 2

Hoffman revealing himself to the shocked and wounded Rigg as John Kramer's other accomplice, after Rigg failed his test.

Rigg, in shock from Eric's sudden death, shot the wounded Art and killed him, thinking he was about to attack him, but Art had instead produced a tape for Rigg, informing him of his failure to save Eric and Hoffman because of his obsession and unwillingness to let time run it's course. As Rigg heard the unfortunate message, Hoffman unbound himself and revealed himself to Rigg as John's other accomplice. Hoffman left the wounded Rigg to die, coldly telling him "Game Over."

Narrowing It Down Edit

Hoffman Strahm

Hoffman locking Agent Strahm inside the infirmary, along with the corpses of Jigsaw, Jeff and Lynn, and the unconscious Amanda.

Hoffman left the storage room and headed for Gideon's main storeroom that served as the former Jigsaw Trio's base of operations. He peered inside the infirmary, seeing Agent Strahm along with the corpses of John, Amanda, Jeff and Lynn. Hoffman slammed the infirmary's door shut and locked Strahm inside and killed the lights. After doing so, he left the storeroom and proceeded to the alternate entrance inside the secret passageway connected to the infirmary, in his pig mask and robe garb, awaiting the arrival of the ever-so-defiant Strahm.

Sure enough, Strahm opted to go through the secret door and passageway, despite John's stern warning on the tape, and Hoffman jumped Strahm and rendered him unconscious, then placed him inside the Head Cube trap, which Hoffman designed and constructed to be impossible to survive.

Hoffman Strahm 2

Hoffman calling the LAPD to arrive at the Gideon Meat Plant near the meat locker with Danica Scott's frozen remains.

After leaving Strahm to awake and die in his trap, Hoffman called the LAPD to arrive at Gideon, informing them he was still alive, and that the meat plant was a giant death trap full of mass death. The LAPD was on the way, and as they made their way to Gideon, Hoffman went to the room where Corbett was being held, taking the frightened little girl into his care and exiting the meat plant with her, as the LAPD arrived at the scene to clear it.

Hoffman informed Lieutenant Fisk that nobody made it, but to Hoffman's surprise and disgust, Strahm and Amanda were revealed to still be alive; Amanda was clinging to life after nearly bleeding to death from being shot in the neck, while Strahm survived his trap by performing a makeshift tracheotomy by jamming a ballpoint pen tube inside his trachea, preventing him from drowning to death.

After being treated for his "trauma," Hoffman also learned that Rigg survived his ordeal, having passed out from shock and blood loss, and being kept in intensive care under extremely critical condition. Hoffman's plan to frame him as an accomplice had failed. Hoffman had Rigg on his mind to kill next, but his plans were far from over, as he had Strahm in his sights next.

Continuing a Legacy Edit

After being honored as a hero for rescuing Corbett and for John Kramer's legacy finally coming to an end, Hoffman set out to continue John's work on his own. He would handle Amanda and Rigg later, for he had his next series of games to carry out and also had Strahm's game to be concerned about. Hoffman was all the more worried when he visited Strahm in his hospital room, told by the FBI Agent that Agent Perez died from her wounds and that her last words were about Hoffman, leading Strahm to suspect the Lieutenant Detective.

Hoffman Strahm 3

Hoffman overlooking a conceptual diorama in his workshop that served as the blueprint for his elaborate game involving Agent Strahm.

Hoffman continued with his games, which now included an elaborate plan to frame Strahm. He kidnapped five people involved in the burning of a building that caused the deaths of eight people living in it. Hoffman had rigged the traps in place inside a section of the sewers where their game was to be staged, and the game was set, he just had to wait for Strahm to follow the clues to find the scene. Hoffman was able to frame Strahm easily enough by planting his cell phone recovered from the LAPD's evidence storage and placing it onto the table of his workspace, for the signal to eventually be traced by FBI Special Agent Dan Erickson.

Hoffman Strahm 4

Hoffman after stealing Strahm's cell phone from the LAPD evidence storage and calling Agent Erickson on it for the signal to be traced.

"My legacy will become your's." Edit

The games were nearing their end, as Strahm neared Hoffman's location. Hoffman retreated into the sewers and awaited Strahm's arrival inside a room with a Glass Coffin with a tape player with a message for Strahm. The Glass Coffin itself was one of John Kramer's very first traps and hadn't been employed before. Strahm located the room and was listening to some of the tape, when Hoffman fought with him, wanting to ensure that the man who knew his secret wouldn't walk away and expose him. Strahm managed to shove Hoffman into the Glass Coffin, thinking he had him caught, only for Strahm to learn the opposite when he played the rest of the tape. On the tape, Strahm learned that by not following the rules and entering the Glass Coffin, the room would become his tomb and he would never be found, while the authorities would be convinced he was John Kramer's other accomplice.

Hoffman glassbox

Hoffman, after being pushed into the Glass Coffin and about to see what would transpire.

Hoffman was lowered into the floor, and Strahm tried to shoot the glass off to get to Hoffman, but the glass was impervious to all damage. The Glass Coffin lowered into the floor as the walls of the room caved in to crush Strahm to death, and Hoffman escaped through a secret passageway in the floor. After re-opening the crushing walls inside the Compactor Room, Hoffman claimed Strahm's severed hand to use to plant Strahm's fingerprints at the crime scenes to take even more suspicion off of himself. His plan to frame Strahm worked, with the authorities convinced he had been John and Amanda's other accomplice, and also thinking the games in the sewers was of Strahm's planning. Most of the subjects had died from their injuries (Brit was the only survivor), but Hoffman's work had been successful and he was scot-free... or was he?

"The games have just begun." Edit

The next day after Strahm had been killed and framed as the accomplice and Hoffman was at work while at his LAPD office, he received a call about a shocking find in John Kramer's body during the dead killer's autopsy at the Los Angeles County Morgue.

Hoffman John

Hoffman learning from a tape found in John's stomach during his dead mentor's autopsy that he won't walk away untested.

Hoffman arrived at the morgue, seeing that a micro-cassette tape had been recovered from John's stomach contents. Hoffman played the tape, and on it, learned from a message very subtly directed towards him that he wouldn't walk away untested and that the games had "just begun." Strahm naturally was suspected as the accomplice by the police, but Hoffman knew better. He was shocked, but he would see to it that whoever was threatening him wouldn't get away, and that all loose ends that threatened to expose him would be eliminated.

Role in Horror RPG Series 3, Season One Edit

Panic Edit

On the same day as John Kramer's autopsy and right after hearing the troubling contents of the tape found inside the Jigsaw Killer's stomach, Hoffman went to Angel Of Mercy to check on Amanda, who awoke from her coma. Amanda was being kept under heavy surveillance and security, and she would be facing serious charges after her recovery. Hoffman left the hospital and went to resume his usual detective work, which included assisting Bram van Helsing with what looked like a series of vampire-esque murders in Los Angeles.

Things took a bizarre and disturbing turn when David Tapp, having been confirmed dead for over a year, somehow returned and arrived at Angel Of Mercy. Tapp called Hoffman and Hoffman kept him up to date on the latest regarding the Jigsaw case, including Amanda Young's involvement and the "involvement" of Special Agent Peter Strahm. Hoffman met Tapp at the hospital and went to show him Amanda in her infirmary, when upon arriving there, they found an unconscious nurse and no sign of Amanda; she'd escaped.

With the hunt on for Amanda Young, Hoffman was nervous in the following days that his cover would be blown, and moreso when he learned that Rigg was still alive and upon visiting AOM to see Rigg, learned that Strahm too was somehow back from the dead, telling Rigg everything he knew about Hoffman. Hoffman was in shock over Strahm's return and now that his two main enemies were up and walking about freely, able to expose him at any time.

Necessary Evil Edit

Hoffman continued to carry out John's legacy while balancing his work with the LAPD, with his next test subject being Tracy Rigg, Rigg's wife. Hoffman snuck into Tracy's home and kidnapped her, then took her to an abandoned car tire factory in the industrial district of Downtown Los Angeles, where he set her in her trap, a chair with a series of high-pressure air cannons rigged to blow her to bits. Hoffman deliberately designed the trap to be impossible to survive, even if Tracy did what she was supposed to do escape, which was have her hands crushed in vises; she died during the ordeal.

Hoffman planted a pen that belonged to Strahm he swiped when Strahm was at the LAPD precinct assisting the department with the Jigsaw case on October 21st, the pen with Strahm's fingerprints all over it. With his newest murder completed and Strahm implicated, Hoffman continued with his usual detective work. He also helped Tapp get educated with the latest on the Jigsaw murders, which included the deaths of Allison Kerry and Eric Matthews, and the two did some police work together, including the apprehension of Greta Valeski (who later escaped).

John Doe Edit

The LAPD would have contend with not only the ongoing Jigsaw case but also the return of The John Doe Killer, who used the Seven Deadly Sins as his MO. Doe was somehow back from the dead despite being shot dead by Detective David Mills and was targeting past Jigsaw victims or people who were connected in some way with the Jigsaw case. It was determined that Doe was trying to lure John Kramer, despite Kramer's confirmed death.

During the investigation which also saw help from retired FBI Profiler Frank Black as well as Detective Mills (who'd been released from a mental institution only to help assist with the case), John Doe was eventually apprehended after an intense chase and taken into LAPD custody. Doe would later escape while being transferred to the county jail, prompting an intensified investigation and a manhunt.

While at the precinct, Hoffman was confronted by Rigg in his office, Rigg warning Hoffman that he wouldn't walk away unpunished for his crimes. Hoffman insisted he was only merely a victim of John Kramer's who'd been forced into making decisions he didn't want to and that either Amanda or Strahm caused Tracy's death, but Rigg wasn't buying it. Hoffman wouldn't give up on getting Amanda, Strahm and Rigg out of the picture, it was just a matter of time.

A Break Edit

Information on Amanda's whereabouts would come in July 2007, when sightings of her were confirmed in the countryside town of Forest Green (formerly Crystal Lake) all the way in New Jersey. With this information and an urgency to apprehend her, Hoffman set out with Tapp and other officers on a flight to Forest Green to assist the police department there with apprehending Amanda Young. When the LAPD officers arrived at the Forest Green County Sheriff's Office to meet with Sheriff Michael Garris, they learned of Young's whereabouts when Garris' daughter Megan recognized Amanda from her most wanted sheet; Amanda worked as an assistant counselor at Camp Forest Green.

Unexpected Danger Edit

Upon arriving at the camp with help from the Forest Green Police Department and the State Troopers, Hoffman and the others were besieged by an array of deadly rigged traps Amanda had all around the campsite, several of whom wounded some of the officers and killed others. Hoffman eventually found Amanda in the main cabin, learning she had already orchestrated a deadly game of her own inside the underground tunnels connected to the campsite. Hoffman was brutalized a bit by Amanda following an intense confrontation between them as well as Tapp, but Amanda got away.

Hoffman and Tapp both pursued Amanda into the tunnels, only to have an encounter with Jason Voorhees, the legendary mass murderer who returned from the dead. Jason attacked Hoffman and Tapp, and nearly had them killed as Amanda and Jason fled from them along with their coerced accomplice, Dylan Christy. After surviving an array of deadly traps inside the tunnels, the two LAPD detectives had help from Sheriff Garris in looking for the murderous trio inside the nearby caverns. The three quickly got lost, before Hoffman was able to locate where Amanda was with the others.

A fight broke out between Amanda and Dylan with Hoffman (Jason wasn't present at the moment), and Hoffman was injured enough to be forced into a retreat, while he searched for Tapp to escape. He eventually found his fellow detective and the two fled from the caverns. Jason had massacred several counselors and troopers on the scene before he was out of sight, and there was no sign of Amanda or Dylan, either.

Determined Edit

Hoffman remained with the troopers as well as the FBI when they got involved, assisting Special Agent Lewis Dowd with the hunt for Amanda and her accomplices. Eventually, during a chase, Dylan was captured but Amanda managed to get away again along with a female accomplice (later identified as Angel Claremont). Dylan was interrogated, but refused to give up Amanda's whereabouts, instead saying that he'd been told Hoffman was an accomplice to the crimes of Amanda and her mentor. Hoffman denied the allegations, and Dowd believed him.

The investigation continued, with the National Guard intervening to help apprehend Amanda as well as Jason. More mayhem was found left behind in their wake, with more fatalities discovered at a vacation area in Stockton. Eventually, Amanda's whereabouts were traced to an old sawmill on the outskirts of Forest Green and she was apprehended along with Angel Claremont. A hostage crisis ensued at the precinct when the two women broke free and took hostages inside the precinct. Amanda threatened to kill hostages if she and Angel didn't get to walk away free and if Hoffman didn't confess his involvement with her and John's crimes.

Hoffman reluctantly confessed, but Dowd didn't believe him and believed he was only being coerced. With the confession, Hoffman and other troopers stormed into the precinct, finding bound and gagged hostages left behind. Eventually, Amanda and Angel were found on the precinct's rooftop helipad, attempting an escape in a helicopter. Hoffman, in a brazen attempt, clung to the rung of the helicopter as it took off, but eventually he fell off into a lake below. Amanda was later caught and Angel got away. Amanda was transferred to New Orleans after her capture to await execution, but Hoffman got more bad news when he learned she managed to flee once again.

After hearing the news, Hoffman regrouped with Tapp to continue the hunt for Amanda, which eventually led them to Manhattan where she was spotted with Jason Voorhees. The two LAPD detectives headed for Manhattan and had the aid of the NYPD when they arrived, as the manhunt intensified. Unknown to the police, Hoffman had secret connections with the organized crime in New York City and also back in Los Angeles, that included Robert G. Durant. Hoffman had secret aid during the manhunt for Young and Voorhees from the mob, who ultimately failed in their attempts to kill the duo with Dylan Christy after Christy escaped. The re-animated Allison Kerry would also join Hoffman in the search for Young and Voorhees, along with Eric Matthews and Daniel R. Rigg, after they flew in from the West Coast. Kerry suspected Hoffman having involvement in the Jigsaw killings, which he flatly denied.

A month went by after the suspects managed to escape yet again, and Hoffman resumed his detective work with the LAPD. Rigg had died during the attempt to apprehend the suspects, and that was one obstacle out of Hoffman's way, now he had others to get out that potentially threatened his legacy.

Crooked Cop Edit

A month went by when news reports came in that Amanda Young and Jason Voorhees had both been spotted around the Northeast part of the country. While resuming work for the LAPD and staging a game of his own for a crooked video tech guru in the precinct and after this game had been staged, Hoffman wasted no time in heading there. Hoffman suspected it was only a matter of time before someone would be onto him and tried to do something that would expose his double life to the public, and he devised plans in his mind to eliminate all loose ends that threatened to reveal his dark secrets. Hoffman was all the more worried when Scott Tibbs, an amateur local rock musician who had been in trouble with the law before for stalkerish activities, had been found wounded and claimed to be a Jigsaw victim - Hoffman had not been the one responsible for Tibbs' game, and it surely could not have been of Amanda's doing; the apprentice John Kramer had alluded to on the tape found inside his stomach during his autopsy?

After arriving in Crystal Lake (the town reverting back to it's original name), Hoffman went straight for the CLPD to correspond with the new Sheriff Daniel Claymark about the case. There was a wealth of information on both Young and Voorhees available, with Jason survivors Virginia Field and Christina Higgins having been found bound and gagged in the local Eternal Peace Cemetery after being left there by the murderous duo, and Elias Voorhees having been captured earlier following a deadly incident at the destroyed Voorhees Manor.

Hoffman, all the while keeping his double life hidden from the CLPD (which was also after an episode involving Strahm, who was now in Crystal Lake and onto Hoffman's case to expose him), tried to help interrogate Elias Voorhees for further information regarding the status and whereabouts of his son and his son's deadly new acquaintance, but Elias didn't give in to anything.

Hoffman maintained his organized crime ties, keeping in touch with New York mob boss Carlo Bartolucci and working on an agreement to kill both Young and Voorhees, Hoffman giving Bartolucci's mob enforcers the directions to get to the old Crystal Lake campgrounds, following an unexpected raid by the duo on the CLPD precinct where they freed Elias, and Amanda also had encounters Hoffman and Kerry, Kerry left bound and gagged by Amanda after a violent scuffle between the two.

Hoffman later made a trip to the campgrounds after receiving a call from Bartolucci, claiming both Amanda and Jason were dead. He arrived at the scene to find dozens of slain mobsters, coming to the bodies of both Amanda and Jason. Neither was dead and only merely pretended to be to take Hoffman off-guard, but the joke was on them when Bartolucci's enforcers had both of them cornered for a takedown. The effort didn't last for long when Amanda and Jason would lead Hoffman along with Kerry and Rigg when the two LAPD cops made it to the scene on a chase in the underground mines beneath the camp, in mine carts. Hoffman would be left behind with Kerry and Rigg after the killers got away yet again and left them to die in the mines until rescue came to their aid.

Hoffman returned to L.A. following the second failed attempt at nabbing Young and Voorhees, continuing his police work behind the backs of his department with nobody suspecting him with the exception of Rigg. Hoffman was nervous about his enemies, those who dared to expose him and ruin his dreams of being the true Jigsaw Killer.

Zeroing In Edit

After Hoffman returned to Los Angeles, he helped to investigate a new Jigsaw game that appeared to not only follow John Kramer's MO but even use Kramer himself appearing in person on several of the instructional video tapes. The game itself appeared to be more personal than usual, with the subject being William Easton, John's former health insurance provider who denied him his medical coverage shortly after his cancer diagnosis. A suspect wasn't determined outside of the usual, but Hoffman was extremely uncomfortable with this; who had connections so deep to John that they had access to tapes in which he appeared as himself?

Hoffman later went with Perez, Dowd and Dorian Sullivan to one of the FBI's audio labs, where the Seth Baxter tape was being decoded to determine who was really behind Seth Baxter's murder, after careful examination of the Baxter killings proved that Baxter hadn't been killed by John Kramer, himself. As soon as the voice was decoded and revealed to be Hoffman's, Hoffman murdered Dowd, Perez and the audio tech at the lab before leaving Sullivan for dead as he burned the evidence.

On the drive back to the LAPD precinct, Hoffman swore he caught sight of Jason himself in the attic window of the Matthews home as he drove by it. Suspecting as stupidly as it was that perhaps Jason and Amanda were hiding out in the Matthews home, Hoffman decided to do some undercover work by arriving at the Matthews home as a guest later, and he found the proof he needed upon hearing noises coming from the attic.

With Michelle Matthews out of town that night, Hoffman had a perfect opportunity to get some of his remaining enemies out of the picture, turning to Robert G. Durant for help. Durant and some of his criminal henchmen arrived at the Matthews residence, where Michelle unexpectedly showed up to retrieve important files she left at home. Durant's men took her hostage and killed her execution-style in front of Daniel after breaking into the Matthews home, with Durant and Hoffman demanding to know where he was keeping his killer friends inside the house.

After Jason was left for dead after being shot down and Amanda, Daniel, Angel and another acquaintance in Daniel's life, Carmen Pauline Ryder, were kidnapped and transported to the American chapter of the torture and murder-for-profit organization Elite Hunting in L.A Hoffman went with Durant and his crew to witness the torture killings of his enemies, when unexpected interference arrived in the form of the group's allies who had come to their aid. Things took an unexpected turn for the worst when the detainees captured from the Matthews home all managed to escape from Elite Hunting, proving to be more of a thorn in Hoffman's side. But their escape would be something of a bittersweet victory shortly after.

Apprehension Of a Former Mentor Edit

Hoffman caught sight of the group driving for a sewage plant in the industrial district of town and secretly tracing them there, also learned that somehow, John Kramer was back alive. Hoffman assembled a SWAT team to raid the premises at the address he was given, and sure enough, Kramer was found at an underground lair along with Young, Voorhees and others. All but Kramer managed to flee in time following a tear gas attack, but the somehow still alive Kramer was captured and was arraigned on many murder and kidnapping charges, set to be transported to the LAPD precinct to await trial.

Hoffman was one step closer to getting all of his loose ends out of the picture to ensure the protection of his own selfish legacy, but he just had no idea of how disastrously awry things would go for him in the coming months, following what many were proclaiming to be the trial of the new millennium.

Preparation Edit

In October of 2008, with Hoffman being wanted for now being officially known as a Jigsaw Killer accomplice, he got to work to enact an elaborate plan of revenge and payback. In the months leading up to October, Hoffman decided to conduct an elaborate series of tests that would involve Jason going to various sites where games for him were set, the games involving people from Amanda's difficult pre-Jigsaw life from her past of drug abuse. Jason would be faced with the decision to either spare their lives or continue to save Amanda and whoever else was with her, held captive somewhere in the city, and following the directions to reach her.

Hoffman spent the months prior to October 2008 putting a painstaking amount of time and effort into constructing his traps for Jason's test and setting them. All was set when it was finally October, and things were made a little easier for Hoffman when he unexpectedly stumbled onto Jason and the others with him that included Amanda. Using sleeping gas grenades he had on them, Hoffman knocked them out, placing Amanda and the others with her inside the industrial bathroom, and getting Jason to the starting point of his test.

Death Edit

Hoffman kept watch and progress of Jason's game via monitors connected to video camera signals he had set up throughout the sections of town where Jason's test was set. Hoffman kept watch all night, frustrated to see that Jason eventually made it quite far and even passed, making it in time to save Amanda and the others. He had a nasty final surprise in store for Jason though, when as the gang followed clues to find him, Hoffman activated the grotesque Iron Cocoon trap, which folded Jason in half when he stumbled onto the trap, folding and breaking him to death.

Hoffman however wouldn't celebrate this for very long, when he was knocked unconscious by Dylan Christy and placed in Amanda's Jaw Splitter II trap, an updated design of her original trap. Hoffman was killed in the trap following a failed attempt to escape it, his remains left behind, only to later be uncovered by criminal scientist Gary Vogel and re-animated.

Regular Appearance Edit

Hoffman stands five feet nine inches tall and weighs one-hundred eighty pounds. He has a strong stocky build. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He usually wears dress clothes, but he also seems to have an affinity for wearing rain coats. He sometimes wear the signature Jigsaw pig mask, along with the signature black robe.

Trademark Gear Edit

Hoffman carries usual detective gear with him, including his 9mm Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol and badge. He also has the capability to construct some traps similar to John Kramer's traps.