Samuel Haine has appeared in Horror RPG Series 3, Season 1.

Samuel Haine
Alias:Lord of the Dead (self-appointed nickname)
Date of Birth:5-4-1993
Place of Birth:Los Angeles, California
Date of Death:NA, still alive and well
Age:13 (in 2006)
Species:Human (Demon)
Family:Kristian Hart (adopted father); Ryan Anderson (adopted brother); the rest of his family is currently unknown
Skills:Somewhat intelligent, athletic, good with leadership
Downfalls:Over-confident, often angry
Powers:Enhanced strength, agility, speed, and senses
Theme Song:Pending
Major Allies:Kristian Hart, Ryan Anderson
Minor Allies:None, currently
Major Rivals:Isaac Davis
Minor Rivals:Friends of Isaac Davis
Portrayer:Jimmy Bennett
Series:Original Character
Controller:Dylan (S3-S1)

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